Veteran consultant fed up with anti-aging hype, exposes the myths about aging

Practical Anti-Aging Strategies

Discover how thousands of people combat aging, getting fitter, leaner, and stronger than they ever thought possible using science and logical reasoning to separate practical anti-aging strategies from pie-in-the-sky schemes and outright quackery.

ven if you have already experienced aging beyond your years, even if you have gained fat and lost muscle and bone mass, even if you suffer from health problems, on this web site you will find practical anti-aging strategies. You will discover what aspects of aging you can control and what you cannot control. You will learn how to work with your doctor to slow down the progress of chronic diseases associated with aging and so help yourself. You will learn how to combat aging by building endurance, shedding fat, building muscle and bone mass, and regaining strength without spending all your time in the gym.

My wake-up call

A little over one year ago, I faced a serious challenge to my health related to age. Let me be frank, I was frightened. In fact, the first thing I did was panic. When I had calmed down enough to do some preliminary research about antiaging strategies, what I found convinced me that the same systems science I had practiced all my professional life could solve health problems most people attribute to growing old, caused more often by poor nutrition and inactivity than by aging itself.

What I discovered

What I found convinced me that, although "aging" has special meanings for scientists, more often "aging" is shorthand for ignorance and inertia, and "anti-aging" is shorthand for cosmetic products and services. We base our beliefs about growing old on traditional social and cultural expectations. As we grow older we become feeble because we mold ourselves to the stereotypes we have inherited from our parents and our grandparents—we follow negative models. To combat aging we must find positive models and mold ourselves to new mental images of health, fitness, and appearance. We must erase the old mental program with its expectations of decline and decay and replace it with a new mental program with expectations of renewed fitness and vitality.

That's what I mean by anti-aging strategy: use it or lose it! You already know that. Why not get your act together now? Why wait until you are in a wheelchair wishing you had taken the other road—the one less traveled?

During the first year of my program I regained flexibility, endurance and strength and shrank my waistline from 37 to 32 inches, losing 40% body fat in the process with better eating habits but without dieting.

Why don't these
trousers fit?
My total cholesterol dropped 36% and blood pressure has fallen into the normal range, without drugs or herbal remedies. Some muscles that disappeared 20 years ago have reappeared. Muscles have popped up that I have never seen before, ever, including the start of a modest six-pack. I believed from the start that I would succeed, but never hoped to hit the jackpot. Yet, the improvement continues as I continue the program.

On this web site, I provide details of my approach to lifelong fitness and health in the form of articles and downloadable files. I am not selling this program: I do not charge fees for any information I provide on this web site.

Joy likes company too

If you are determined to combat aging, you are a pioneer, but you are not alone in your commitment to lifelong fitness and health. Since starting my program, I have found many sources of information written by doctors, other healthcare providers and fitness trainers who have guided patients and clients in achieving fitness and health through lifestyle change. I will review the work of these dedicated professionals and present success stories of ordinary people who have restored their health and their bodies through fitness training and better nutrition.

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I do not charge fees for the information I provide on this web site amd I follow a strict privacy policy.

Disclaimer: This website should not be substituted for the advice of a physician. Please consult with your family doctor before taking vitamins or food supplements and before beginning any weight-loss or exercise program.

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Discover how thousands of people combat aging, getting fitter, leaner, and stronger than they ever thought possible. It's never too late!
Anti-aging strategies for achieving lifelong fitness ...
Veteran consultant fed up with anti-aging hype, exposes the myths about aging. Discover how thousands of people combat aging, getting fitter, leaner, and stronger than they ever thought possible.
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