Links: Combat Aging with Sites on Fitness, Diet, Health and Anti-Aging

Especially when you first resolve to change your lifestyle, it's easy to slip back into the old ways. I found that surfing the web could reinforce my resolve.

The following links will take you to web sites where you can find inspiration and information about hundreds of techniques that support a lifestyle of fitness and health through exercise and better eating habits.

At first, the task may seem hopeless because there are so many things to do and to remember. But it's no worse than learning a new language. In fact, you could say that the task is to learn a new language—the language of healthy living.

"It's Never Too Late!"

The Links

  • Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle What I like about Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is that it is not a "one size fits all" approach. Tom sets out his reasoning, taking on the role of teacher. Tom provides guidelines in Burn the Fat, but he also shows how to adjust the guidelines. His approach transfers knowledge to the trainee who can then discover how his or her body responds to different combinations of diet and exercise.

    The most important thing I got from reading Tom's book was a feeling of confidence that I could succeed if I learned how to apply his approach.

    In 24 months, I reduced my body fat from over 40% to under 20% while increasing lean body mass about 5% during a time when I might have lost body mass from aging and from dieting.

    Why not give Tom's approach a try? What can you lose apart from missing time watching TV and a whole lot of clothing that's too baggy to wear anymore?

  • Fit Over 40 Anytime I felt doubt about succeeding, I opened Fit Over 40 and re-read the stories of ordinary people who have changed their bodies and their lives by nutrition and fitness programs. I came away reassured that, if these people could do it, so could I. And so can you.

    Fit Over 40 is a book in three sections, the first section is the personal roadmap Jon Benson followed in his own transformation. Jon provides lots of strategies and tips as well as recounting his voyage of discovery.

    The second section, the role models, is the heart of the book, presenting 52 people from all walks of life, aged 40-something to well over 70, some fit for most of their lives, others getting the wake-up call late in life.

    The final section is a how-to manual from co-author and training expert Tom Venuto who provides an overview of goal setting and planning as well as a lifelong program for nutrition and health.

  • Christian Finn is Britain's foremost internet fitness trainer. Christian says, "I started the site...after I became frustrated by the lack of reliable information about nutrition and exercise. At the time, I was lecturing around the country for a company responsible for training personal trainers. I had also spent a few months lecturing at a university."

    "Much of the information I was teaching was hopelessly outdated or just wrong. Because I was training people to pass an exam, rather than teaching them how to become better trainers and instructors, I felt like I was wasting my time."

    "And the worst thing was that nobody seemed to care!"

    "Most of the information in books and magazines seemed subject to commercial pressure from advertisers. There didn't seem to be anywhere to go for reliable, unbiased advice."

    Christian has an informative newsletter for those who do not want to sign up for access his site.

  • Moe's Journey Maureen says, "I watched my father’s mother die from obesity. She had diabetes and suffered strokes and was so unwell. She died because she was obese and for no other reason. My father now is on the same path: he has type II diabetes as well as heart troubles because of his obesity. I want to stop that pattern in my family and change the future for my own children. I can do this by changing my behaviors and giving them the knowledge of how we need to treat our body for a long and healthy life."

    "With The Seven Keys, Dr Phil changed my mind, but with Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, Tom Venuto changed my body."

  • is a sort of acronym for "Exercise Prescription", but that really only scratches the surface. is by far the most detailed and reliable source of detailed information about exercise and equipment. What's more, the site illustrates the equipment and provides instructions on how to perform the exercises, as well as the muscles affected. This one is worth placing on your desktop for easy reference.

  • Body Building for Men and Women, by Hugo Rivera. Hugo provides detailed information on a vast variety of subjects related to fitness and healthy eating.

    Hugo is a ISSA certified fitness trainer and nationally-known best-selling author of several books on bodybuilding, weight loss and fitness, including "The Body Sculpting Bible for Men", "The Body Sculpting Bible for Women", "The Hardgainer's Bodybuilding Handbook", and his successful, self published bodybuilding e-book, "Body Re-Engineering".

  • MenFitness Zone Fitness for men, male health and male fitness.