Fit over 40 role model Marty Web: fitness champion at 60

How an obese grandmother became a fitness champion and a Fit over 40 role model

ell, take a look at Marty Webb. She didn't even begin training until she was 59 years old, and started in a state of obesity. Now [at age 62] she has a body anyone would envy!"

Dr Marty Webb
Dr Webb at 60
This "after" photo is from the e-book featuring Marty and more than 50 other role models. The e-book also contains a photo taken one year before, but I won't post it for fear of embarrassing Marty.

At age 60, Marty competed in the all natural (no steroids) Lone Star Classic bodybuilding competition and won first place in the Master's (over 35) division.

Marty Webb is not just a champion at body sculpting; she is a leader in special education with a doctorate in education (1991) from the University of San Francisco, awarded at the age of 48. Marty keeps her mind active as well as her body.

Dr Webb is the founder and Head of the Monarch School, Houston, Texas. The Monarch School's therapeutic environment responds to the needs of children whose diagnoses include learning disability, attention deficit disorder, Autism, Tourette's Syndrome, Asperger's Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Dyslexia.

The school is Marty's greatest professional challenge and adventure. URL:

Dr. Webb and her husband Eugene have four adult children and ten grandchildren and thoroughly enjoy spending time with them. In addition, she enjoys camping, hiking, bodybuilding and aerobic exercise and reading.

We can see why Marty says, "What a blessing this new life is!"

Fit over 40

Marty Webb is one of the role models featured in the e-book, Fit over 40 , by authors Tom Venuto and Jon Benson.

Fit Over 40 is a book in three sections, the first section is the personal roadmap Jon Benson followed in his own transformation. Jon provides lots of strategies and tips as well as recounting his voyage of discovery.

The second section, the role models, is the heart of the book, presenting 52 people from all walks of life, aged 40-something to well over 70, some fit for most of their lives, others getting the wake-up call late in life.

The final section is a how-to manual from co-author and training expert Tom Venuto who provides an overview of goal setting and planning as well as a lifelong program for nutrition and health.

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