Volume 1, Number 19

April 6 and April 13, 2006

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From my Diary

  • I Didn't Wanna Do It!

    Last week was my strategic deconditioning break. After nine days with no training, I didn't feel like going to the gym. I racked my brain for excuses. All I got was this question, "Wanna become a couch-potato again?" I started feeling anxiety. If I miss once, will I miss twice? Will I start building the habit of skipping workouts? So I dragged myself to the gym. After 15 minutes warmup on the treadmill, I felt better. After 10 minutes of abs exercises, I was on a roll. Though the first mini-cycle uses the lightest loads, the weights felt heavy, but 45 minutes in the weight room went like a flash. Finishing off with 20 minutes of aerobics, I felt great.

    Why didn't I want to work out that first day? Probably the same lethargy that kept me out of the gym all my life. The real enemy is the little voice inside your head that says, "It's OK to skip just this once." Defeat it and you reinforce the good habit of keeping to your schedule.

  • Surprise! Older Hardbodies

    Well I was surprised. During the first year of working out, my arms and legs and belly felt mushy even when I "made a muscle". I was beginning to think that was a result of age. I thought, "Oh well, maybe only young people get hard bodies when they work out." But last week, I noticed that my muscles have got rock hard. I think maybe it's because I did three weeks of double circuits with the heaviest weights. If so, then it really is true, you must go for heavy training at 5 to 7 repetitions. Try it and see.

  • Fortnightly-Biweekly Schedule

    This week the newsletter is late and covers the two-week period April 6 to April 13. The reason is that I have been running around preparing to go to a neighboring Southeast Asian country on a one-month consulting assignment, leaving Sunday morning. I will post the next newsletter on April 23 to cover April 20 to April 27.

Tips and Comments on the News

  • How fit are you? How to Pass Your fitness test

    If you're over 40, check with your doctor before starting a training program. Fitness test video.

  • Try the Mediterranean Diet for Heart Health

    The Mediterranean diet isn't actually a single diet, but more accurately it is described as a 'style' of eating that is associated with the countries that surround the Mediterranean sea, particularly Spain, Italy, and Greece. Beat heart disease with a Mediterranean diet.

  • Fight Diabetes Using Bodybuilding

    "Better insulin sensitivity, improved blood sugar utilization, less insulin injections (for those who are insulin dependent), and more stable energy levels are just some of the benefits that bodybuilding can offer to the diabetes patient." Bodybuilding and diabetes.

Check out these blogs that you might have missed:


  • Hypertrophy Specific Training: Part 2 Strategic Deconditioning

    By preventing overtraining, strategic deconditioning becomes the key to Hypertrophy Specific Training.

    A Guide to Bryan Haycock's Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST) Part 2: Overtraining and Strategic Deconditioning.

  • What's RSS? I have added a second way for readers to subscribe. Not only do you not have to provide your email address, but you can access all your favorite sites using the same method. Discover why RSS is truly the easiest way to keep up-to-date with all your interests in less time.

    To be fair to readers who wish to use RSS, I have made the free e-book immediately available without asking for names and email addresses.

  • Blogging: The Anti-Aging Blog is my mini-journal about I add items whenever I see something that might be interesting to readers.

  • Anti-Aging Blog Archive: The Blog Archive compiles only those blogs that are not older Web pages on

    How to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally, Without Drugs

    Download your free e-book here. (A new window will open with the request box at the bottom of the page.)


  • Sarcopenia, age-related muscle loss, may be the main cause of decline in metabolic rate with age. Thus, muscle loss with age may be sufficient to make middle-aged people overweight.

    Promises, promises! I haven't forgotten, just side-tracked by the bloglets I'm doing every day or so.

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